Playboy Looking For Aggies

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"I want to go to vet school," said Melanie Jackson, Playboy hopeful.

Twenty-year-old Texas A&M student Melanie Jackson says she has set some lofty career goals for herself. But Monday, she decided to take a walk on wild side and audition for the controversial Playboy magazine.

"My dad of course he likes Playboy, but I don't think he'd like me in Playboy," said Jackson.

Magazine staff members are again making the rounds of Big 12 schools, searching for girls willing to pose for a special Big 12 issue that will be released in October. Jackson says she auditioned because she wants to add diversity to the magazine.

"I know Hugh Hefner is a big fan of blonds, but I want to add some variety," said Jackson.

With copies of the magazine all around, girls came to a hotel suite to take audition photos, which were fully clothed.

"I've got the greatest job in the world," said George Georgiou, Playboy photographer.

Georgiou has been with Playboy for 16 years. He says college issues, like the one they are scouting A&M coeds for, fly off the stands.

"They're the best selling issues every year. It's entertainment for men and men love college girls in playboy magazine," he said.

Before auditioning, each girl has to show two forms of id and fill out a release form. Georgiou says the Playboy staff doesn't have any interaction with the university.

"There isn't a university in the world that's going to condone being in Playboy, but most universities are going to tell students it's your decision," said Georgiou.

But the idea of the magazine being in Aggieland draws mixed reactions.

"It's not one of those things you can do it once and hope to forget about it," said Antonio Gonzalez, Texas A&M student.

"I guess girls of the Big 12, but I would be kind of leery posing for them," said Angela Nelson, Texas A&M student.

More than 50 A&M co-eds have signed up to audition, but they won't have to wait too long to find out if they were selected. Playboy plans to make their final decision Tuesday night.