D.A. Considers Criminal Charges Against Bus Owner

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DALLAS (AP) - Harris County prosecutors say they're considering
criminal charges against a Houston bus owner and president whose
bus crashed near Sherman, killing 17.
The dead are Vietnamese Catholics who were en route to a
religious festival in Missouri.
Of the 17 dead, 12 were killed outright. Six survivors,
including the bus driver, remain hospitalized in critical
State and federal investigators are examining what they say is
the "grossly deficient" maintenance record of Angel De La Torre.
He's owner and president of the bus company that chartered the
death bus.
Rarely do owners face criminal charges in bus accidents, but it
has happened.
A 2005 Hurricane Rita bus fire and explosion near Dallas left 23
passengers dead. That time, bus owner Jim Maples was convicted of
failure to maintain his buses and sentenced to six months of home
incarceration and six months in a halfway house. Prosecutors had
sought to have him imprisoned for seven years, but he was convicted
of lesser charges.
Information from: The Dallas Morning News,

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