Juror's Racist Remark Prompts Mistrial

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A juror's racist remarks about the defendant in a Central Texas capital murder trial have prompted the judge to declare a mistrial.

Michael Paul Boyd of Copperas Cove was indicted last year on charges he killed apartment manager Kenneth Ray Haney at an apartment complex in Killeen.

After jury selection for Boyd's trial yesterday, a prospective juror told District Judge Martha Trudo about racist comments made by a man selected for the jury.

Trudo confronted the juror, who acknowledged making the comments but said he was only quoting lyrics from a song.

The defense asked for a mistrial, and the judge agreed.

Trudo says the state had worked to ensure that the race of the defendant, who is black, would not impact the eventual verdict.

Boyd, who is 29, will be retried at a later date, officials said.