Texas A&M's Reveille VIII Learns the Ropes

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The new Reveille has hit the ground running.
A day after Texas A&M announces its new mascot, training is already underway.

The first week of school, and the first Aggie football game is just three weeks away, so Reveille VIII is getting a crash course on what how to serve as first lady.

It's been eight years since Aggieland got its first up close look at a new mascot. Making the trip from Florida to College Station, Reveille VII was in the limelight from the very first day.

It's been a much different for Reveille VIII, who still goes by the name "Kelly" for the time being.
"Kelly" comes from a family in Kansas, who breeds collies just for fun.

However, the new Reveille is no pup and isn't ready for all the fan fare just yet.

"It's going to take some time for her to get used to all the people coming up all the time around her," Handler John Busch said. "With that she's going through some extensive training."

Training that's getting the next reveille ready for all that the job entails.

So for now the student body has had to settle for just a few snapshots, while the new first lady gears up for what's sure to be a memorable year.

Reveille is scheduled to make her first public appearance at Texas A&M's football season opener on August 30.

"Today we went and visited the band," Busch said. "So she got to hear some of the drums, and some of the trumpets, things like that."

"The band, cars, noise of all kinds, cheers, professors talking in class, that's all quite an adjustment," Dr. Bonnie Beaver with the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. "So you start with very small steps, a little bit of noise, and a little bit more, and then a little bit more."

Dr. Beaver says it's important for the new Reveille to be eased into her new surroundings.

"The dog that goes into a home has very different expectations than the dog that goes into Kyle Field," Beaver said. "It's going to take a lot of work for any dog to be an acceptable pet or an acceptable mascot."

Time and work that John Busch says he is willing to commit to.

But just like all the dogs before her, Reveille VIII, is already picking up on tradition.

"We put the bed in our room, our bunk beds, and sure enough she hops up there," Busch said. "As tradition states I have to sleep on the floor, and I've already gotten very comfortable with the tile in the dorms."

John has only been working with Reveille VIII for about five days, but he says it was the collie's temperament that won them all over. He adds that she is a kind, sweet dog that rarely barks, and is already beginning to feel at home in Aggieland.