Real Gas Savings

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We've all heard of some common tips for saving gas like checking your tire pressure or using cruise control. While they're certainly worth doing, do they really improve gas mileage?

College Station resident Cody Gaspard decided to test some gas saving tips. He wanted to see if turning off his air conditioner could save gas, he was surprised when it didn't.

" We really thought that it would make a difference with the A/C running. We thought that you'd get less gas mileage," said Gaspard.

A group at a car buying website tested the tips as well and found there was no big difference between rolling your windows down or running the A/C when it comes to conserving gas.

" Just today I was running on fumes driving around town and turned my air off, I'm like sweating and hot thinking I'm saving gas, but I guess if it doesn't work I might as well crank it up," said Lindsay Wier.

The test also found that tire pressure had no effect on your gas mileage. But you should still maintain correct pressure for safety reasons.

The test did find more benefits than originally thought for other common tips like using cruise control, not letting your car sit idle for long periods of time, and not speeding. All these things created considerable savings on fuel.

Many say that no matter what they do it just doesn't seem like their gas is going as far as it used to since the prices have gone up.

" Every little bit helps, but there's no way around it, you've got to drive," said Wier.

Bill Brunson with Olympic Automotive says going longer on a tank of gas means taking care of your car.

" Just keep your car well serviced. Keep clean air filters in them. Keep them properly serviced," said Brunson.

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