Wreckage Found in Colorado Mountains is Missing Texas Plane

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At 4:30 Sunday afternoon, rescuers from the Summit County Rescue
Group have now confirmed that the aircraft was the missing plane piloted by Thomas Paul Jacomini Jr.

There were no survivors of the crash and recovery efforts are underway at this time.

Before Summit County authorities had confrimed it, family members say they learned the wreckage had been found 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

Tommy Jacomini, his wife Susie, and their young children, Tommy and Vivi, were on board the Cessna 182T.

The family took off Friday morning from Steamboat Springs, Colorado bound for Brenham, near where the family has a ranch. Approximately 15 minutes after takeoff, the plane disappeared from radar. While officials say it is not uncommon for planes to disappear in that area due to mountains, the Jacomini's plane never reappeared on radar.

A hiker came across the wreckage near Georgia Pass, some 65 miles west of Denver and east of Breckenridge.

The elder Tommy's father, also named Tommy, was about to board his plane to fly to Colorado when word came of the discovery of the wreckage. He is still making that trip, while family members continue to gather at the Washington County ranch.