Bryan Mayor Discusses Council Differences, BVSWMA

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The City of Bryan has been pretty newsworthy as of late. Some might call it trash talk of the figurative and literal variety.

The literal is Bryan's legal action against College Station, claiming budget and contract decisions concerning their jointly-owned landfill haven't made it to leaders in the neighbor to the north. College Station claims it was only recently that complaints came to the city's attention, and that they have taken appropriate steps in running the landfill.

Mediation has been ordered by judge before August 27, and the city councils will meet to try and hammer out a solution a week from Monday.

Then, there's the figurative trash talk. Two council meetings over the issue of how many council members it takes to put an item on the agenda showed deep divides, and often turned into heated debates.

With all this in mind, we wanted to talk to the city's highest elected official. Mayor Mark Conlee joined News 3 live Sunday night to discuss those issues.

Click on the video to listen to the interview.