Relatives Call Jacominis' Death A Tragic Loss

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It was a blustery Sunday on the Jacomini farm, in western Washington County. The overcast weather matched a family's grief.

"We're hoping for the best and terrified about the worst," said Don Ervin, Tommy Jacomini's uncle.

Sunday afternoon, the Jacominis' worst fears were confirmed, when they learned pilot Tommy, his wife Susie, and their young children, wouldn't be returning to 5J farm, the family's Washington County vacation spot.

The farm is where Tommy and his father kept their shop and model planes. Flying is a Jacomini family passion. In fact, Tommy got his pilot's license at 16.

"Tommy was an excellent pilot, exemplary pilot," said Ervin. "He's been interested in planes all his life."

However, years ago in New York City, family members say Tommy found a new interest, when Susie stole his heart.

They met on a blind date, he a gas company employee, and she an interior designer

"They were so much in love," said Tommy's sister Kathy Masterson

Susie loved the farm too. Its where she had family portraits taken a few years ago, as a present to her mother-in-law.

Sunday, friends struggled to read Susie's memo in the photo album.

"I decided the farm would be the best place since we spend most of our weekends there," wrote Susie.

It was a place the Jacomini kids loved.

"These will be some of their best memories when they grow up," continued Susie.

Little Vivi, the couple's daughter, was captured at a tea party. Thomas, the couple's son was pictured, his blue eyes vivid.

Relatives say they're only beginning to cope with the enormous loss.

"In a weird way we are fortunate and happy that they're all together," said Masterson.

The Jacomini family had been in Colorado enjoying their last vacation of the summer. The Jacomini kids would have started school Monday in Houston.