Bryan West Boys Home

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The Bryan West boys are back home after an exceptional run at the Senior League World Series in Maine. The team ended their tournament run with a 2-and-2 record and came home early Monday morning to supportive fans. The players tell News Three it was an experience of an lifetime.

"We were supposed to win state, but we went farther than that," Gilbert Vasquez said. "At least we're champions here."

The team won their first two games against Lithuania and Curacao, but consecutive losses against New Jersey and Ohio knocked Bryan West out of the tournament.

"You know we had a great run this year," Bryan West Coach Richard Martinez said. "As far as the boys are concerned it was a sacrifice. You're just going to play ball to experience a once in a lifetime deal."

They may have left the series early, but the team has reached home-town celebrity status.

"Watching it on television and actually playing, it was pretty nice," Aron Longoria said.

"I'm through signing autographs. They're going to have to start paying for it," Vasquez said.

Even though tired and a little homesick, every single player was happy about what the team accomplished.

"We can all play again," Vasquez said. "We're just going to focus on school, because we're probably going to be on varsity and looking at colleges, see where we're going from there."

"The experience was great," Martinez said. "It's not everyday that you can say you played in the world series."

The Bryan City Council will recognize the Bryan West team at its meeting on Tuesday, August 26th.