Pain at the Pump Worse in B/CS?

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We're all feeling the pain at the pump, but are we feeling it equally?

If you've done any travelling in the past few weeks you may have noticed that outside Bryan/College Station prices at the pump are much lower, even in big cities like Houston, and Dallas.

"If you fill it up only half a tank, it doesn't seem so bad," Caldwell Resident Nikki Allen said.

We all have our own way of dealing with high gas prices, but for those living in Bryan/College Station it seems like we may be bearing the brunt of the high-end dollar signs.

"In Houston, we were watching on the news about how they were selling gas for $2.08. I wish that was here in College Station," Allen said.

Gas value websites like list the most affordable gas in Houston at $3.24, in Dallas at $3.39, in Bryan at $3.57, and College Station, the highest of the four, at $3.64.

So why such big discrepancies?

"A couple of years ago they banned MTBE's in gas, which is what Houston and Dallas used to put in there," Gateway Express Mart and Carwash Owner Drew Congleton said. "Now they put in ethanol, which is subsidized by the government. You pay for it, I pay for it, we all pay for it. But we don't have it in our gas here in Bryan/College Station."

Congleton says they're not marking up prices any different than Houston or Dallas it's just that they have to pay a little more themselves per gallon of gas.

Something Congleton says isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"Major Metropolitan areas have that 10 percent ethanol in their gas, we don't so therefore you also get three to four miles per gallon better gas mileage when you buy our gas," Congleton.

The extra mileage is enough to keep some customers content here, rather than dabble in the less familiar somewhere else.

"I'd rather stick to oil, gas and diesel," Motorist Tim Edwards said. "Use the corn to keep feeding the country."

But it's not only the larger cities like Houston and Dallas that are seeing better prices at the pump. Some of the smaller cities and communities in the Brazos Valley are also seeing this very same trend.

A viewer in Brenham sent in a picture of gas in that area priced at $3.43 a gallon.

We did try and find out why even regionally we may be seeing those differences, but even the experts are having a tough time pin-pointing an answer.

However, this is something we are going to continue to look into and monitor.