United 93 Hits the Box Office

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The controversial movie "United 93" about the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 opened nationwide Friday. The trailer from the new movie was pulled from a movie theater in New York after complaints.

Some say it's too soon to see that day on the big screen, but some say the movie is needed to remind folks about what happened.

"I'm very moved," Jewett resident Patricia Schmidt said. "I'm shaken by it, and I think everybody needs to remember what it's about."

"As I walked out I remember the saying remember the Alamo," Brazos County resident David Roberts said. "You ought to remember Flight 93. It meant a lot to me; everybody should see it."

"People gave their lives that day, so let’s just don't sit back and forget, let this be a good reminder," Brazos County resident Wannel Roberts said.

Ten percent of the proceeds from opening weekend go to the memorial fund for Flight 93.