Bremond Receives Much Needed Rain

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Bremond residents are embracing this week's rainy weather. The small Robertson County town received more rain in two days than it has all summer.

Even though residents are dealing with minor weather related issues, they say they're thankful for the downpour.

The Coal Mine Restaurant in Bremond was busier than usual Tuesday. That's because residents was trying to escape the rain.

"Everybody wants to come into a nice, dry, warm place so it's great for business," Waitress Tessy Crawford said.

Bremond received six inches in just one day causing minor street flooding. Several low lying areas were also transformed for the day.

While diners enjoyed a home cooked meal, the rain was the hot topic of conversation.

"It's really nice," Bremond Resident Barbara Ryza said. "You look out and you see the ponds are filled. The creeks are swollen. We need it."

"This made everything greener and it's nice to have that," Crawford said.

The downpour spawned new life in Bremond and even offered a day of rest for some.

"A lot of people wish they could have stayed in bed today instead of driving in, driving around."

Even though a little extra work was needed and the daily commute took a little longer, folks in this Brazos Valley town were happy about what nature left behind.