A&M Architecture Students Design Hospital

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Some architecture students at Texas A&M are designing hospitals for the future. They will be presenting their designs to hospital officials half a world away this weekend.

When the United Kingdom's National Health Service wanted ideas for a proposed hospital in a rural area near London, they enlisted the help of Texas A&M University.

Architecture students were tasked with coming up with model designs for a hospital billed as the health facility of the future.

" We based a lot of our design off of the site. We basically started off mapping out the area, doing a regional analysis finding out what the facts were and what needed to be done," said architecture student Daniel Gonzales.

Students were given this scenario of what the proposed hospital should entail: 1.2 million square feet, accommodations for 920 beds and have the only specialized cancer center in the region.

Many students reviewed how American hospitals are run and applied it to their concepts and designs. The finished projects are polished, but it wasn't without a lot of hard work.

" It took approximately two months to complete this project. A lot of weekends, a lot of after class time, about 18 hour days," said Nikki Dahlberg.

Students and professors say the project brought the department together.

" It's all about collaboration and integration. This project, a lot of people had to come together, students from third year and fourth year architecture," said architecture student, Tyrone Austin.

Representatives from the United Kingdom say they're looking for innovative ideas and solutions to make health care facilities better and believe A&M architecture students can help them get there.

The students will present their models to UK officials this Sunday and Monday in Dallas.