A&M Students Camp Out For Children In Uganda

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Two A&M students, Amy Ballard and Anne Willis aren't spending their Saturday night at a party or on Northgate. The two have organized an event called Global Nite Commute.

College Station is just one of 130 cities where the event is taking place. People across the country are commuting to their town centers to spend the night outside in support of children in Uganda.

"There are children that have to commute into town every night. Thousands of children have to walk miles in order to escape a rebel army that abducts them," said Amy Ballard, Global Nite Commute.

"There's thousands of kids that do this and they commute miles and miles to sleep outside without shelter," said Anne Willis, Global Nite Commute.

The event is organized by a non-profit group out of San Diego named Invisible Children. Commuters travelled the streets of Bryan and College Station to Duncan Field at A&M where close to 800 are expected to spend the night.

"They're going to commute and just camp out all night long as a peaceful demonstration. We're going to be writing letters to Bush, to congress and the children in Uganda," said Ballard.

"You can give money and that's wonderful, but rather than giving us $10 give us 10 hours to support these kids," said Willis.

Amy and Ann spent months planning the local Global Nite Commute, in hopes that the series of events would encourage lawmakers to send an ambassador to Uganda.

"We have to do something about this. This would never happen in America, this would never happen in Europe, we have to do something about it," said Willis.

"Now is the Holocaust and we know something and this is what we can do about it so this is a call to action to America," said Ballard.

A call they hope comes through loud and clear.