Christian Singer Returns Home To Inspire Others

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Christian recording artist Amy Nobles says she's happy to be back home.

"I really got my start here so this is a special place for me," said Amy Nobles, singer.

The Bryan-native came back to the Brazos Valley for a special performance at All Faiths Chapel.

Nobles says one of her songs, titled "Lord I Praise You," has special meaning. Nobles and her friend Carrie McDonnall wrote the song after tragedy struck McDonnall and her missionary group while doing relief work in Iraq.

"Some men came up around us in their vehicle and began shooting at us with automatic weapons. My three friends died, my husband died on the following day and I'm the sole survivor," said Carrie McDonnall, song co-writer.

The two wrote most the song lyrics while McDonnall was still in a hospital room. McDonnall says the words just came to her.

"During my recovery period I heard a song, it was a song that gave me a lot of joy. The words just meant a lot me," said McDonnall.

"When I went to her hospital room I was expecting a very sad song, but it is not a sad song, it is a real joyful upbeat song," said Nobles.

A song that inspired them and they hope will inspire others.

"The first lyric is Lord I thank you for the cross and that from me was that I may have lost everything, but I still had him," said McDonnall.

"Carrie lost three fingers in the attack. It says lord I praise your name I give you thanks and I lift up holy hands without shame," said Nobles.

The two came together Sunday at the chapel. Nobles performed "Lord I Praise You" and McDonnall shared her story with the crowd. Together again to make a positive impact.