Bryan Streets Back Open After Chemical Spill

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A tractor trailer travelling through Bryan left a chemical trail that forced the shutdown of roads near downtown Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

Authorities received a call around 8:45pm. A witness noticed a liquid leaking from one of a pair of trailers being pulled down East William J. Bryan Parkway. The driver was flagged down on the north side of the Brazos County Courthouse. Hazmat units were dispatched, and both W.J. Bryan and Texas Avenue were closed.

Texas Avenue was cordoned off at 24th and 26th Streets. William J. Bryan was shut down at Houston and Tabor Streets. Officials worked through the night to clean the scene in an effort to reopen the roads before morning traffic picked up. Roads finally reopened about 4:30 a.m.

The leaking chemical was determined to be ferromil, a type of cleaning solution, and was being carried in a 330-gallon container in the trailer. According to the manifest, the container was completely filled when the trailer left Brenham on its way to Shreveport. Authorities say the container was empty when they got on scene.

Hazmat crews used lime to neutralize the ferromil, then brought in pressure washers to scrub the scene. The leak was approximately one block in distance.

No one was injured in the course of the incident. There were two people in the vehicle at the time.

The trailer was owned by Con-Way Southern Express. Officials on-scene say they allowed the tractor and first trailor to continue on to Shreveport, leaving the company to pick up the second trailer.

There is no word on whether citations will be issued in this incident.