211 To Be Part of Texas Hurricane Readiness

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Texas Governor Rick Perry Tuesday announced the state's 211 service is being expanded to help those who can't evacuate during hurricanes and other disasters -- get help.

The call-in information help system will allow those affected people to register -- in advance --for transportation assistance in case emergency evacuations are needed.

Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast last August.

Hurricane Rita came ashore September 24th in southeast Texas --
prompting evacuations and travel turmoil in the days before the storm.

Special needs people, such as those in nursing homes, were among
those facing challenges to evacuation.

The governor's announcement came as part of the state's largest
hurricane preparedness exercise opened Tuesday.

The sessions are focusing on:

-- command
-- control and communications
-- evacuation of people with special needs
-- fuel availability
-- traffic management and contra-flow
-- sheltering
-- and public awareness.