Bryan Police Arrest 22 in Weekend Prostitution Sting

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Bryan Police Officers arrested seven females and 15 males during a weekend prostitution sting.

Friday evening, undercover male officers posed as customers and arrested seven females.

Jessie Mae Kubiak, Odell Sims, Janet Strickland, Rosella Tyler, Bridgette Lavel Roberson, Jacquelin Crawford, Mechele Tucker were all taken to the Brazos County Jail and booked on prostitution charges.

James Lee Davis was also arrested Friday evening and charged with rendering prostitution services. Jerome Wright was arrested for fleeing from an officer during the Friday evening sting.

On Saturday, female BPD officers posed as prostitutes. News 3 watched as 13 men took the bait.

The Undercover officers had been outside the shopping center at Palasota and Groesbeck for just two minutes. That's when someone waived them over.

"I ain't trying to go to jail either, you ain't the police are you?" said one of the officers.

No deal was made, but as the vehicle left, the next potential customer pulled in.

"Who you lookin' for," asked the officer. "You," replied the vehicle's driver, Cesareo Vazquez.

At first, Vazquez backed out. "Ok, we'll be right here," said the officer. Four minutes later, Vazquez was back.

"What are you lookin for?" said Vazquez. "What are you lookin for," said the officer.

"You're sure you're not the police or nothing," said Vazquez.

"I'm not the police," replied the officer. "If I was the police I wouldn't be out here, OK?"

"How much," said Vazquez. "Depends on what you want to do," said the officer.

"Sex," said Vazquez. After Vazquez named his price, the officer said "20 bucks for sex? Good with that?"

Vazquez agreed and the take down units moved in and arrested the 32-year-old.

The undercover officers were back at the shopping center, when the driver of a green mitsubishi sped up to pull in.

"You (were) lookin' so hard you almost wrecked," said an officer.

The driver and passengers initially left, then had second thoughts and returned. After the three people inside the car agreed on a price, officers rolled in.

28-year-old Martin Hernandez Aguina, 21-year old Edgar Jarez Gonzales, and 17-year-old Gonzalo Rivera Medina were escorted to the Brazos County jail.

The team then set up shop at the intersection of west Martin Luther King and north Logan. Within a minute a maroon blazer pulled up. Its driver, 25-year-old Carey Michael Morrow would be arrested for soliciting a prostitute. The whole transaction took place just 200 yards from a school, and across the street from a church.

25-year old Cruz Avila was next. The undercover officers told him they'd meet him around the corner. He was met instead by a patrol car. $335 was found in his pockets.

Later, 26-year-old Jose Luis Alvarez-Ramos was arrested, after he offered the women $15 for sex.

A location change put the undercover officers at Ross and South College. Minutes later, they told the driver and passengers in this Lincoln Navigator they would have to pay $15. However, one offers 20.

"Yeah, $20 sounds good," laughed one of the officers, just minutes before marked units arrived on scene.

17-year-old Juan Chavez-Vargas, 33-year-old Ignacio Martinez Olivares, and 26 year-old Cirino Tapia Guzman were arrested.

Eventually, so were 20-year-old Ricardo Gonzalez Martinez and 20- year old Diego Gonzales Vera.

The under cover team's final arrest of the night was 23-year-old Ricardo Medina. Before agreeing on a price, Medina tried to grab the chests of both undercover officers.

"It ain't free man, you gotta pay for that man," replied an officer.

They would later learn Medina spent two months in jail on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Records show Medina is an illegal immigrant, something he and at least five of the other 13 men arrested, had in common. Those men will not be allowed to post bond on their prostitution charge, and will eventually be handed over to immigration authorities.