Gas Prices

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Politicians and the public are looking for ways to deal with rising gas prices.

Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas says the government must encourage alternate sources of energy besides oil. She says oil can't meet all the country's energy needs, though she feels the US needs more production facilities for oil.

New Yorker Dominic Valente, the owner of a food distribution company, is typical of business owners. He says he's passing on the
costs to his customers, but adds they seem to understand.

Valente tells The Associated Press he'll be paying well over a-thousand dollars a month more this summer than last summer in gas
costs. The plastic wrap on his foods, an oil product, is also cutting into his profits.

Truckers are facing similar problems as they deliver their goods.

Oil prices today bubbled back toward 75 dollars a barrel amid concern that the international pressure on Iran over its nuclear program might lead the country to cut its supplies.