BISD Concerned About MySpace Profiles

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Bryan's school district is implementing new online safety sessions. But the reason school officials decided to do so may surprise you.

The focus of the project is the popular site, MySpace. Bryan school officials created a PSA to promote Internet safety. They showed it to Bryan High students to expose the dangers of posting personal information on the popular Web site, MySpace.

Many students use MySpace to communicate with their friends, blog, and post pictures. But some student's profiles have school officials worried.

" We were surprised and very concerned because so many of them are revealing full names, birth dates, where they work, where they live, and details about their daily schedules," said Sandy Farris with Bryan ISD.

All things which make it easy for a predator to find them. Nearly 900 Bryan high students between the ages of 16 and 19 have profiles on my space. That's about one out of every four students.

" Most of my friends have a profile and lot of them put personal information on there and stuff like that and I told them they need to be careful," said D'Nae Pate.

Pate worked with school officials on the internet safety project. She decided to delete her profile after people she didn't know tried to contact her.

Some parents aren't aware of what their kids are putting on my space. The Bryan high staff hopes to work with parents and help keep students safe from danger while on line.

" If we can at least convince even one or two kids to change their habits, that's a start," said Farris.