Fire Rips Through CS Apartments

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An investigation is underway in College Station after an apartment complex caught fire. The mostly-student residents at University Commons off of Southwest Parkway had an unwanted test just days before their finals begin.

Around 9:20 Wednesday night, Michelle McClure was at her friends' third floor apartment when one roommate saw smoke.

"She was outside and saw the smoke and the alarm hadn't gone off yet," McClure said. "It started somewhere in the ceiling. So we went and knocked on all the doors and let everybody know. The fire department came really quickly and took care of it."

Another visitor at University Commons was Jennifer Bernhardt, who was hanging out on the second floor of the same building.

"We were wondering if they were knocking on our doors," Bernhardt said, "so we opened the front door and heard someone say the roof was on fire and we needed to get out. There were probably about 10 to 15 of us there, so we all got up quickly and got our stuff out."

Firefighters from College Station arrived on scene at 9:23pm. Bryan aided minutes later. In all, eight trucks were on scene to battle the flames that were spreading through the third floor.

"Aerial operators were put into place to neutralize that situation," said Greg Rodgers with College Station Fire. "Once they were able to get that done, they were able to get back inside and knock the rest of the fire down in a relatively timely manner."

Students filled the streets, many of them having been evacuated from their rooms, likely not to return for some time, especially those on the third.

"It looks like she lost all her stuff," said McClure of her friend. "Luckily, I live down the street and they can come stay with me."

There are no reports of injuries to any firefighters or residents.