Testimony Begins in Noland Trial

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Thursday was day two of the murder trial of Brent William Noland. Noland is charged in the fatal stabbing of US Navy serviceman Brandon Smith during the 2004 Texas Renaissance Festival. The defense claims Noland attacked in self-defense, the state says Noland had no reason to kill an innocent man.

Thursday the state started calling witnesses to give their account of the night Brandon Smith was stabbed 19 times.

Brent Noland showed little emotion before testimony began Thursday, but members of his family seemed distraught.

The state first called Todd Green, an investigator at the Grimes County Sheriff's office. He said he used crime scene tape to form a perimeter around the incident, 30-minutes after the stabbing. The defense questioned whether he secured the scene too late, suggesting evidence could have been tampered with. Green testified that the area was secure before he arrived.

The second witness, Paul Bialoblocki, a Navy serviceman and friend of Kristen, the victim's sister, was at the Renaissance festival and said Noland approached their group and asked questions about the military. He said Noland seemed nice but impaired, either by drugs or alcohol, because he slurred his words and his eyes were bloodshot. The defense asked if Brandon Smith had been drinking, Bialoblocki said yes, but he said Brandon was not drunk.

Thursday afternoon three of Smith's friends took the stand telling about that night.

Court won't be in session Friday, so the trial will resume Monday.

Noland's attorney says his client will take the stand in his own defense that may happen as soon as next week.

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