Bryan Man Guilty of Animal Cruelty

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A Bryan man was sentenced Thursday to 320 days in jail after investigators say he cut off the ears of three pitbulls.

Antwynne Ballew, 26, pled guilty to three counts of animal cruelty, which is a Class A misdemeanor. He also must pay a $4,000 fine for each count.

Animal Control officers with the City of Bryan made the discover at Ballew's home on Martin Luther King Street in Bryan on March 14.

Officers said they found a bloody piece of furniture used as a make-shift operating table, along with knives and a needle and thread.
Following the procedure, the dog's ears were wrapped in duct tape.

According the the County Attorney's Office, Ballew was preparing the 8-week old puppies for dog fighting.

Seven other pitbulls discovered had also been treated cruelly.
According to officers, one of the dogs seized was tied up with such a short leash that the dog couldn't lie down without choking, and had no access to water or shelter.

An 8-week old puppy was tied to a barbed wire fence post and had bloody wounds from being cut by the wire, according to officers.

Ballew also pled guilty to resisting arrest, evading arrest, two counts of possession of marijuana, and driving with an invalid license and sentenced to 250 days in jail.