Do Diet Soft Drinks Make You Fat?

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It's an idea that has caught the diet drink consumer by storm. The idea that diet soft drinks make you fat. But is it only a myth?

It's sweet, refreshing, and it says diet on the label, so can the drink that prides itself on keeping America thin, make you fat? Some say yes.

"I just feel like it has the elements in it that we know not of," Brazos County Resident Diana Steelman.

Others are reading this book by the cover. It says diet, so that's what it means.

"I always had the understanding that because they use a different kind of sugar in the diet coke that it’s better for you than the regular coke because it has less sugar content," Brazos County Resident Vernieca Goodin

But what do the experts think about diet soft drinks? Do they make you pack on the pounds?

"What you might do is have a diet drink and then later in the day you’re eating sugary foods to make up for sugar you didn't get in diet coke," St. Joseph Clinical Dietitian Jody Peach said.

A recent Purdue University study compared two sets of rats. The first group was fed artificial sweetener. The second was given natural sugar. When both groups were later given a sugary snack, the rats used to artificial sweeteners ate more.

Jody Peach says it's all about how much you take in. A regular soft drink has about 100 calories per serving, a diet soft drink has zero.

"If you are trying to lose weight it's a good way to cut calories, or if you have diabetes, it's a good way to keep your blood sugar under control," Peach said. "I would still go with the diet but be aware of your choices during the day."