Queen Walker Trial Underway

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The job of the Brazos County District Attorney's Office is to prosecute the accused. But, now the accused is someone who used to be one of them. Queen Walker is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the District Attorney's office. She maintains her innocence.

Judge Steve Smith wasted no time getting this trial started.

A jury was chosen and Monday afternoon opening arguments were followed by witness testimony.

Walker went to work in the District Attorney's office in the 1970s. Among her responsibilities, handling victim assistance and helping those who had written hot checks.

During opening arguments the state said Walker took advantage of her position to steal money over several years.

Prosecutors claim Walker was pocketing payments made to clear hot checks.

They say she'd then try to cover her tracks by using crime victim funds to reimburse businesses for hot checks.

Walker's attorney David Barron waived the right to an opening statement.

The state called two people who had written hot checks during the time in question, both had dealt with Walker. One testified she had paid Walker cash and received a non-official receipt for the payment.

The defense questioned the recollection of the events, because the transaction happened several years ago.

District Attorney Bill Turner took the stand as well.

The state is expected to call several more people that had dealt with Walker in the past because of hot checks. They will also call several of Walker's former co-workers, and the lead investigator of the case.

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