Local Delegates Meet With Cornyn

The Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce delegation pounded the pavement Tuesday in its quest to promote issues affecting the Brazos Valley.

Their first stop was to Senator John Cornyn’s office, where talks centered around economic development.

One project that would mean big business to the Brazos Valley is the proposed Futuregen plant.
Jewett in Leon County is one of the sites being considered for the billion-dollar clean coal facility.

"It's also important to our energy independence and our future environment as well," said Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn.

As one of the leading research centers in the country, Cornyn said Texas A&M would be the perfect host to a National Bio and Agro Defense Facility.
Not only combating bioterrorism and new diseases, but also potentially impacting the local economy with new jobs.

"We take for granted that our food supply is safe and it's relatively inexpensive, but it's important we do the research necessary to keep that food supply safe," said Cornyn.

The group then split up into small groups in order to cover more ground.
Employee healthcare dominated talks at one meeting.
2,500 businesses in Bryan/College Station have less than 50 employees.

“Unfortunately a lot of those smaller businesses don’t have the means to provide health insurance for their employees,” said Anthony Moore, Associate Administrator for the College Station Medical Center.

The delegation is asking lawmakers to curb the rising costs of employee healthcare coverage, while making it easier for small businesses to buy health insurance together.

On Wednesday, the delegation will meet with more lawmakers, including Congressman Kevin Brady, Congressman Pete Sessions and Congressman Chet Edwards.