Postal Service Wants to Raise Stamp Price

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The postal service is considering raising the price of stamps for the second time this year. Currently, the cost sits at 39 cents. If approved, it’ll cost 42 cents for a first class stamp.

Sending letters may soon get more expensive.

The United States Postal Service wants to raise the price of a first class stamp by 3 cents and it's proposed a "forever" stamp that can be bought at the current price and used "forever" regardless of future increases.

"When the rate increases go up we have people that are inconvenienced by coming in and have to buy the two or three cent stamps," Bryan Postmaster Ron Glenn said. "This would be an ideal opportunity to buy the stamps ahead of time whatever the rate increase is at the time you use it, that's still a good stamp."

Everyday price pressures, like the rising cost of fuel, have the postal service considering the increase.

"We have 620,000 vehicles and about 32,000 facilities and the price of gas and utilities is really having an impact on us," Glenn said.

The every day mailer isn't too thrilled about the cost going up.

"Yes that will affect me, I'd rather it stay where it's at," Bryan Resident Amber Tolson said.

In January the price of a first class stamp went from 37 to 39 cents, an increase mandated by congress so the post office could place close to 3 billion dollars in an escrow account. The proposed increase would cover costs accrued by the postal service.

"What will be the rate increase effect be upon a family," Glenn said. "Probably about 50-cents a month and last time I looked I only think you could buy a candy bar for 50-cents."

If approval is given the earliest the change would take effect would be May of 2007.

In addition to the stamp increase, there are some price boosts and cuts in other categories.

Additional letter ounces would cost 20 cents instead of the current 24 cents. Express Mail, flat rate would go up about a dollar. The postal service is trying to reduce operating costs. It's cheaper and less time consuming to process a letter than a package.