Termite Time

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How can something so small be so destructive? That's the question many home owners will be asking soon. Termites are swarming right now and there's a good chance they'll be eating away at your home.

David Kitchens with ABC Pest and Lawn Services will be busy over the next few months as he inspects and treat homes for termites.

This time of year termites go through their reproductive cycle also known as swarming. The most common termites in the Brazos Valley are subterranean. The destructive pests eat away at wood, weakening a home's structure. But they also leave behind some tell-tale signs of what they're doing.

" You need to look for mud tubes or tunnels trailing up the outside of the foundation, look for any pinholes coming from the dry wall or sheet rock, look for shed wings," said Kitchens.

Entomologist, Dr. Roger Gold suggests getting a pre-construction treatment when building a new home and schedule a termite inspection annually.

Experts say spending a little money on prevention now can save you thousands of dollars in termite damage repairs in the future.

Also be cautious when bringing gardening supplies like mulch, wood, and rail road ties onto your lawn. Termites could be hiding in these products and easily make their way into your home.