Testimony Continues in Walker Trial

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A Brazos County embezzlement trial is in its third day and more information is surfacing. Queen Walker is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the district attorney's office. Wednesday, the jury heard the tape-recorded interrogation of Walker along with witness testimony.

For the second day, the state played the recorded conversation between lead investigator Texas Ranger Frank Malinak and Queen Walker.

Walker never made an admission of guilt on the tape and did not give an explanation for the missing funds. Ranger Malinak asked Walker why in some instances a check is made out to the victim of a hot check, but there is no deposit in the bank showing the person who wrote the check paid the District Attorney's office. Even though several witnesses testified they had paid Walker.

During the interrogation, Malinak asked Walker if she would pay the victim when she received no money, Walker said that would be dumb. She went on to say she did not take the money.

The defense asked Malinak whether someone else could have stolen the funds from Walker's office. Malinak said it's not very likely.

"She kept her desk locked up and she appeared to be very careful about who had access to these particular items in her office so you know we've got an office full of people here but I don't know that many people had access to where the funds were," Malinak said.

Malinak testified if someone else had stolen the money, Walker couldn't have made a check out to the victim because there would be no available funds. Several hot check writers testified they had paid Walker in cash after she requested they do so.

The defense questioned whether they could clearly remember after so many years.