Local Delegates Last Day in Washington

With a final photo opportunity and critical meeting with a Texas senator, the Chamber of Commerce’s trip to Washington was over in a flash.

In their final hours, local leaders met with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on a day when the Senate debated a $70 billion tax cut bill. The Republican from Texas said the bill would spur the economy.

“It’s why the stock market is up, it’s why we have more jobs created now than we have had since the 90’s way before 9/11,” said Hutchison.

When the delegates arrived inside the beltway on Monday, they had five primary objectives. However, much like in years past, transportation took center stage.

“I think what’s differentiated this trip from past trips is the fact that we’ve had so much success in visiting governmental agencies,” said President and CEO of the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce Royce Hickman.

“I think there were six agencies visited, the Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, Department of Health and Human Services; different departments that impact different issues we’re bringing up here,” Hickman said.

In some cases, the group of more than thirty was able to educate legislators on new challenges facing the area.

“It’s either the first time they’ve heard it, or they’ve heard it, but they haven’t had someone prepared to talk in the depth that we’re prepared to talk about issues,” Hickman said.

With federal dollars shrinking, cities and states are fighting for their piece of the pie. Bryan/College Station hopes after visiting lawmakers this week, its piece is a little bigger.