Queen Walker Found Guilty

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After four days of witness testimony, a Brazos County jury found Queen Walker guilty of stealing thousands of dollars from the District Attorney's office. A date for the penalty phase to begin has not been set.

The jury was dismissed shortly after five, Thursday evening to deliberate. In all, they took two-and-a-half hours to return a guilty verdict.

Judge Steve Smith will decide punishment, as asked for by the defense. She could face up to 10 years in prison.

The state has had three full days to build their case. During that time the prosecution called witnesses to testify against Queen Walker.

Brazos County Auditor Katie Conner said there were discrepancies between deposits and checks.

Lead investigator, Frank Malinak, says it looks like money collected from hot check writers was pocketed by Walker.

The money the businesses were paid with actually came from a restitution fund that had so much money coming in, it never ran out.

Thursday, the main financial investigator from the Texas Attorney Generals office went through his records showing the thousands of dollars of losses.

The state rested this morning, and then the defense in only a few hours built a case based on Walker's nature.

Over 10 character witnesses were called including Walker's friends, fellow church members, and community figures. All witnesses said in their opinion Walker was an honest and law abiding citizen.

The state's main argument has been based on numbers. They've called it "simple math". During the investigation things did not add up, and it's the losses that pointed back to Walker, leaving her as the suspect.

The defense claims Walker was known as an honest, law abiding citizen. The defense also claims other people had access to the funds that were stolen. The state says if someone would have stolen the money, Walker would not have written the restitution checks to the victims.