Gas Prices Fall Again

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Retail gasoline prices eased statewide for a second week in a row.

That's according to the weekly Triple-A Texas gas price survey released today.

It shows regular self-serve gasoline is averaging two dollars 82 cents per gallon in Texas -- down four cents from last week. The national average is two dollars 89 cents per gallon -- down three cents from last week.

Auto club spokeswoman Rose Rougeau says prices at the pump have softened over the past few weeks as more supplies of the ethanol additive entered the market. Meanwhile, crude oil prices hovered around 70 dollars a barrel.

Rougeau says motorists may not see big price drops unless concerns about supplies ease.

The most expensive gasoline was found in Galveston-Texas City, where regular prices averaged two dollars 90 cents per gallon -- up a fraction of a cent. The cheapest gas was in Corpus Christi, where it fell nine cents per gallon to two dollars 66 cents.