Med Celebrates 75 Years

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The College Station Medical Center is celebrating its 75th birthday. The health care facility has undergone lots of changes over the years.

Friday employees enjoyed food and fun to celebrate the milestone.

The hospital was founded in 1931 by Dr L.O. Wilkerson on 27th and Regent Street in Bryan. It changed names and ownership several times, but always maintained quality care for its patients.

" We're reflecting on what a great thing happened 75 years ago and the hospital has really come of age and it's just a great opportunity for us to allow our employees and their families and doctors to celebrate this grand event," said The Med's CEO, Tom Jackson.

In 1987 the Med moved to College Station on Rock Prairie road.

" We started out a 100 bed facility out here practically in the middle of no where at the edge of the city limits and 20 years later we're twice the size that we were back in 87 and the campus is growing," said Frank Hartman Director of Facility Operations.

New facilities and services have been added to the campus over the years, including a new women's pavilion, bed tower, and neonatal intensive care unit.

Hospital officials look forward to many more years of expansion and providing health care to the community.

" So many doctors and employees and the community has embraced the vision that we're putting forth," said Jackson.