New Court Filing Focuses on Cheney

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WASHINGTON -- A new court filing from the prosecutor in the CIA leak case. It says Vice President Dick Cheney made handwritten references to CIA officer Valerie Plame -- though not by name -- before her identity was publicly exposed.

The new court filing mentions Cheney as being closely focused with his then-chief of staff, Lewis Libby, on Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson. Wilson had accused the Bush administration of distorting intelligence about Iraq to justify going to war.

In the latest filing, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald says he intends to introduce at Libby's trial a copy of a New York Times op-ed piece by Wilson "bearing handwritten notations by the vice president." The article was published eight days before Plame's identity was exposed by columnist Bob Novak.

Libby is accused of lying to the FBI and a federal grand jury about how he learned about Plame and what he subsequently told reporters about her.