Bryan Charter Amendments Recap

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Voters in the City of Bryan were loud and clear Saturday when it came to voting on amendments to the city's charter.

"Virtually every page of the charter will be changed. Almost every section of the charter will be changed, now some of it minor and some of it will be pretty much re-written," said Mary Lynne Stratta, city secretary, City of Bryan.

In all 16 amendments were presented to voters,15 passed. The one failing was Proposition 1. A proposition to give council members a monthly salary of $10 a month, and a monthly allowance of $250 a month.

"Number one is the only one that failed and the rest appeared to pass by a heavy margin," said Stratta.

City secretary Mary Lynne Stratta says some of the propositions, like Proposition 2 which will add the position of internal auditor to the city, will have a bigger impact on city operations than others.

"For the first time ever there will be a fifth city council appointee. One more person will be reporting directly to the city council and that will now be the city's internal auditor," said Stratta.

Stratta says Proposition 5, which outlines how the city handles debt, will make the charter in compliance with state laws. She says city officials looked at other city charters to get the wording.

"We saw some we like and we kind of modeled it after that, the charter review advisory committee liked it and looks like the voters liked it," said Stratta.

The Bryan city charter has not been amended sine 1994, many of the propositions were clean-up items to modernize the charter and make it reflect the operations of a modern local government.