Tuition Bonds

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Texas universities could fund one-point-eight (B) billion dollars in new classrooms, research and medical and performing arts centers under newly Senate-approved legislation.

The bill approved yesterday by the Senate now awaits final House approval before going to Governor Rick Perry for signing. It would allow the schools to issue bonds to be repaid with future tuition.

Sixty-three projects would be able to move forward, including eight (M) million dollars for a Texas Tech pharmacy school in Amarillo and a Texas State University campus in Round Rock.

The House already has approved the measure, but still must agree to changes made by the Senate before it can go to the governor's desk and become law.

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst says he expects the House to agree to the Senate's changes, based on conversations with House Speaker Tom Craddick. But if the House doesn't, it will be difficult for the legislation to be adopted. The current 30-day special session ends tomorrow.