State and Defense Rest in Noland Trial

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The state and defense rested Monday afternoon in the Texas Renaissance Festival murder trial. Brent Noland, the man the prosecution says is responsible for stabbing to death U.S. Navy servicemen Brandon Smith, may know his fate as soon as Tuesday.

After the state rested Monday morning, the defense called Brent Noland to the stand.

Noland looked relaxed and stuck to his story of self defense during questioning by both parties.

Monday afternoon, during cross examination, Noland admitted before he met Brandon Smith at the festival he had three alcoholic beverages, smoked marijuana, and had taken two Xanax pills, but told the state this did not alter his memory or actions.

He said he approached Smith at the festival and asked him about the Navy. He said they got along fine. Later that night when they met up in the parking lot Noland said while other members of the group were arguing, Smith hit him for no reason. Noland fought back, Smith stabbed Noland that is when Noland retaliated and stabbed Smith back. The state asked Noland why someone claiming self-defense would stab someone 19 times, several stabs in the same place. Noland said he couldn't explain why he did that, they were just fighting.

Closing arguments are set to begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday. The jury will then deliberate.