Midnight Medicare Deadline

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People 65 and older have until midnight, Monday to sign up for the new Medicare prescription drug program. If seniors miss the deadline, they will face penalties.

Many seniors still complain the program is too confusing, and some lawmakers are hoping to extend the deadline.

About 37 million of the estimated 42 million seniors eligible for the drug benefit have already signed up.

One of the main questions surfacing regarding the plan, whether seniors will save money by enrolling.

"They are all I think much more relieved and happy when they finish looking at the actual numbers on how much they'll be paying for the prescriptions, they will be saving money," Elaine Rayburn with the Area Agency on Aging said."

The open enrollment will start again November 15th of this year and run until December 31st so seniors can start the plan in January 2007. To sign up before the deadline you can call 1-800-Medicare until midnight Monday, the average wait time is three minutes.