Local Religious Reax to Da Vinci Code

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It's the movie everyone seems to be talking about. "The Da Vinci Code" hits theaters Friday, and the best-selling book-turned-potential blockbuster has already turned heads.

That includes local religious leaders.

Father David Konderla of St. Mary's Catholic Church in College Station says he won't be seeing The Da Vinci Code. He says he doesn't have time for it, and that the hype will soon wear off.

"Two weeks from now, we'll be moved on to something else, and I don't think this will have much staying power," Konderla said.

Indeed, the Catholic Church has already made it's feelings known on the controversial fictional film, one which examines a cover up of a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, along with a child they had together.

Central Baptist Church's pastor, Chris Osborne, says he won't be seeing the film either.

"Any film that denegrates Jesus, says he married Mary Magdalene, totally adverse to anything in the scripture, anything that demeans Him and denegrates Him, I'm not going to pay to see it," Osborne said.

Father Konderla won't go so far as to discourage people from viewing the Ron Howard, Tom Hanks project.

"I think people should see any movie that they see with a certain amount of common sense and ability to recognize something that's a work of fiction," Konderla said.

"The church has been around for 2,000 years, and people have tried to destroy the church all along the way," he continued. "There are many bigger issues in the world today to deal with."

US Catholic bishops are trying to stem the tide already with a website called Jesus Decoded, in which they address all the items in the book and the film.