West Corporation in the Brazos Valley

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In July, Decision One closed it's doors. The company was the very first success story of the joint Bryan/College Station economic development corporation in the early to mid 90's. Now a new company has moved in, West Corporation, and they're promising to bring 1,000 jobs to the area. But will their fate be the same as Decision One's?

West Corporation, a communication-support company based in Nebraska, has officially moved into the research valley.

"Welcome and I'm really pleased to represent the city in welcoming you here to Bryan/College Station," College Station Mayor Pro Tem John Happ said.

The company started operating on February 13th and has already hired 650 employees.

"If they meet their potential and the performance requirements they'll be one of the largest private employers in the research valley," Todd McDaniel with the Research Valley Partnership said.

When Decision One, a computer support company, shut their doors in 2005, several parties were interested in moving in. West Corporation stood out from all the rest.

"We actually made the decision internally at the Research Valley Partnership to back fill the space with a strong corporate citizen that had a strong financial position, it's a very distinct difference between West and Decision One," McDaniel said.

Decision One broke a contract with Brazos County and the city of Bryan that was designed to give the company a tax break. When they closed, they owed about $150,000. West has been given similar incentives.

"It's all about great performance and if we can perform we can grow the facility," John Sanley with West Corporation said.

If West creates 1,000 jobs and reaches a 15-million-dollar payroll, the company will get up-front-cash, rental rebate, and a four year abatement of Bryan and Brazos County taxes.

"They're a much more healthy company financially and have solid management and I think we're going to see a lot different story here," Royce Hickman with the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce said.

This year, West is expecting a 1.8 billion dollar revenue.

"We look at this as a return on investment and it's the community's money and we want to be good stewards and we want to do our best to make sure they meet their requirements and they are a successful corporation," McDaniel said.

And if they do reach they're projected success, West will become one of the largest employers in the Brazos Valley.

West is currently hiring full-time employees. They expect to hire part-time employees in the near future.