City Staff Shake Up in CS

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City manager Glenn Brown believes he needs another right-hand man or woman.

"It's a very vibrant community," Brown said, "and there's really more than two people can save grace over."

With the recommendation of a consulting firm, Brown will be creating a second assistant city manager spot. The first one remains vacant after Brown's ascension to the top spot.

In addition, the lines of communication are also changing. Currently, upwards of 16 people brief the city manager, but just seven will when the changes are implemented, including both assistant city managers, freeing up Brown for more community and council work.

"When it comes down to it, city government is about people," he said. "We provide all our services through our staff."

But staff is currently putting in a great deal of time as they dig out from an avalanche of absences. Joey Dunn at Planning and Developing is now in Bryan. Kim Foutz left economic development. Next week, Don Fazzino leaves special projects. All are moves Brown says are coincidental.

"You know, it's just almost been a little overwhelming, but I certainly hope that no other people will leave," Brown said.

And the vacancies have caused a number of people to have to work extra to make sure the ship is still steered in College Station.

"Quite frankly, there are some levels of the operation that just don't get the attention that I'd like for them to get that they will someday," Brown said.

Former Mayor and soon-to-be councilwoman Lynn McIlhaney met with Brown Thursday to discuss the changes, including the restructuring.

"I'm very comfortable with the direction that they're going in," she said. "We're a growing community. There's a lot more demands on the time of the city manager."

"Brown says he hopes to hire the two new assistant city managers by the end of the summer, with the other three key hires being made in the fall.

According to city councilman Ben White, "We've lost some good people, but these things happen."

The Mercer Group was hired to look at restructuring at city hall. They'll also lead the search for the new assistant city managers, and are already searching for Bryan's city manager.