"The Da Vinci Code" Hits the Box Office

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It's opening weekend of "The Da Vinci Code." The movie has stirred controversy with its themes many say are anti-Christian. But will the negative publicity promote low box office numbers? Reviews have been mixed.

"It was great, it was good," Brazos County Resident Lisa Espinoza said.
"It was long and it was hard to follow," Brazos County Resident Andy Pate said.

The hype has been strong for Dan Brown's best selling book turned Ron Howard movie. Some positive, some negative.

"Sony's "Da Vinci Code" movie seeks to profit off the quote, un-quote permissible prejudice of anti-catholic bigotry in this country and around the world," President of Human Life International Rev. Thomas Euteneur said.

The movie claims Mary Magdalene married Jesus Christ and had his child. It's the basis for the protests around the world. The folks behind the movie maintain it's not meant to document history, it is simply meant to entertain. Most movie goers agree.

"Some may look at it and go put some doubt in there, but you know it's up to each individual you know how strong they are in their faith," Brazos County Resident Ray Provencio said.

"It gave me a little bit of doubt and it got me thinking you know once everything started to unveil but I'm not going to really believe all that," Espinoza said.

But what will the negative publicity do to box office numbers? Sony predicts, pre tepid reviews, a $70 million opening weekend.

"Really suspenseful, kept you on the edge of your seat you know a lot of twists and turns when you thought you had it figured out--it really threw you for a loop and at the end it really surprises you," Provencio said.

The Da Vinci Code will see success.