Preparing For Fire Season Danger

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Tis the season, fire season. As the weather continues to heat up, the sunny days and warm winds could easily turn green grass brown and that has fire officials sounding the alarm.

"When it's real hot and dry and the humidity is real low, it's all the same. A fire will start readily and progress readily," said Battalion Chief Fred Rapczyk, College Station Fire Department.

Rapczyk says burning inside the Twin Cities is illegal, unless your bar-b-queing. Even though there isn't a burn ban in Brazos County, that doesn't mean controlled burns can't quickly get out of control.

"If they do that and they do it in a burn barrel, they should keep a water hose close by in case it does get out. Put a screen wire over the barrel so the ashes and amber don't fly around," said Rapczyk.

Since the risk for grass fires, is higher in the Summer months, Rapczyk says now is the time to prepare your home and property just in case.

"They need to keep their grass cut, try to keep that real low so in the event of a fire it can be stopped," he said.

With tall grass like lining the highways, fire officials say motorists have the potential to start dangerous grass fires by throwing out cigarette butts or driving on grass.

"You have the right of way, the median that grass dries out, it only gets mowed a couple times a year so a grass fire can easily start in that respect as well," said Rapczyk.

Rapczyk warns that grass fires create their own wind and quickly burn acres of land in just a matter of minutes. When grass is really dry it can ignite 50 feet in front of the flames just from the heat. So if even the smallest fire starts to spread, call 911 immediately. It could save land or more importantly a life.