Lay Expecting Another Trip to Witness Stand

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Enron founder Kenneth Lay and prosecutor John Hueston confront each other again.

Lay's expected to testify in his own defense as soon as Monday at his bank fraud trial -- that is, if prosecutors finish presenting their case by midday today, as they've predicted.

Lay's lawyers said they planned to call three witnesses, including Lay, and be finished no later than tomorrow.

Lay spent six days on the stand during his and former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling's four-month-long federal fraud and conspiracy trial. Most of those days involved a grilling by Hueston. The jury in that case begins its third day of deliberations today on six counts against Lay and 28 against Skilling.

Meanwhile, the bank fraud trial that began Thursday relates to Lay's personal banking. US District Judge Sim Lake is hearing this case without a jury.

Lay's charged with four counts -- one of bank fraud and three of making false statements.