Not Your Grandmother's Coca Cola

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It isn't "New Coke" but it isn't the Coke you're familiar with, either.

Coca Cola has partnered with the Culinary Institute of America to design specialty beverages that combine unusual flavors to pair with foods, similar to selecting different wines.

Coca Cola Food Service and Hospitality Division President Chris Lowe says the recipes run "from the tame to the exotic." One is Fresca pomegranate, which is Fresca, Odwalla PomaGrand pomegranate juice and Seagram's Club Soda plus a pinch of pomegranate seeds.

Another is the Coca-Cola Hot Tamale, a blend of Coke, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, fresh lime and black pepper.

The products are being marketed in restaurants only, though Lowe says that could change. He says if a product turns out to be "a runaway hit," it could make its way into grocery stores.