New Duo Heads to Bryan's Council

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Two familiar faces are taking their places on the Bryan City Council. Annette Stephney and Mike Southerland ran on different issues, but plan on making good on their promises.

As the new At-Large city councilman in Bryan, Mike Southerland says he's all ears.

"People don't believe that they're listened to and given proper time and credit for what they have to say, so that's what I promised during my campaign, that I was going to listen and understand and take action on their issues," he said.

That includes neighborhoods. Southerland was a major supporter of new ordinance allowing limitations on unrelated adults who live together in a house. He says his first order of business is to form a Neighborhood Association Congress.

"We're going to talk about things that matter to them, that can help them manage their neighborhood associations, how to implement the neighborhood conservation district," Southerland said.

For Annette Stephney, it's a return to the Bryan council. Again representing Single Member District 2, her constituency includes the home of the city's new high school off Old Reliance. On the other side of Highway 6, it's Martin Luther King, which will see heavier traffic.

"Our streets need to improve, plus our sidewalks," Stephney said. "That street is really going to be used getting to the high school because it goes all the way out to the end of Martin Luther King to Old Reliance Road, so it's going to be well used. We need a lot of work done."

Both newcomers say crime is also on their radars.

"We'll look at trying to find things for our young people, because once school is out, if they don't have anything to do, they're going to be on the street," she said.

Streets Stephney hopes are fixed up and safe.

The two new councilmembers will be sworn in Tuesday during the city council's regular meeting at 6pm.