Used Hybrids Cost More Than New Ones

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As gasoline prices soar, so do sales of hybrid vehicles. Local Toyota dealership owner Paul Atkinson says that's not going to change.

"Hybrid technology is the answer for the future. Toyota believes that, it is available now on three models," said Paul Atkinson, Atkinson Toyota Scion.

In some cities, most hybrids are special order cars, meaning you can't just walk into a dealership and pick one off the lot. But if you're thinking of buying a used hybrid to save some money on the sticker price, think again.

"That's called the law of supply and demand. There's just not enough of them and there is a good market for used hybrids right now," said Atkinson.

On a 2006 Brand new Prius, a Toyota Hybrid, has a sticker price of about$23,600. But a used 2005 Prius, with the same features, has a sticker price of $25,700. What's different? You can get the used Prius right now, without the wait.

"We've got people here in this dealership that are on their third one. They'll continue to order one, buy one and they'll sell their used one," said Atkinson.

Because used models are selling just as fast as new models, even if you are willing to spend a little extra chances are you'll have a hard time finding one on a used lot. But Atkinson says with the newer models being released, that's about to change.

"With some more factories coming online in the next few years here in the US we're going to see a large increase in hybrid availability," he said.

But until then, the internet is your best bet to find a used hybrid. Remember that doesn't mean that you'll be saving any money, it just means that you'll get the used car you want more quickly.