More Than 30 Arrested in Austin Gambling Sting

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Authorities in Austin have arrested more than 30 people for their part in a gambling operation that police say netted millions from the illegal use of gambling machines.

The arrests resulted from a joint investigation by the Austin Police Department, the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service.

It began more than a year ago when investigators seized 733 so-called "eight-liner" machines.

Police say the ring took in more than 15 (M) million dollars over two years.

Fifteen suspects face federal charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering. Another 19 people have been charged with state misdemeanors of gambling promotion and possession of a gambling device.

Eight-liners are similar to slot machines. Texas law allows eight-liner gambling only if the machines award non-cash prizes worth no more than five dollars or ten times the amount of a single play.

Police say players were promised cash payouts in the establishments where machines were seized.