Burglaries Spike During Summer Months

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FBI statistics show burglaries peak during the summer months. When homeowners go away on vacation, the home becomes an attractive target. The College Station Police Department is now offering burglary prevention tips for homeowners.

College Station police say prevention starts by understanding how burglars select targets. They usually look for unoccupied and unprotected homes.

Police say make sure exterior doors are made of solid wood or metal and secured with a heavy-duty deadbolt lock. Make sure garage doors and back doors are secured as well, and privacy fences are locked.

As for windows, close the latches on all windows and, for extra security, place a secondary blocking device such as a wooden dowel or through-the-frame pin, but make sure the blocking device can be easily removed from the windows in case of a fire.

When it comes to lighting, police say to create the illusion of occupancy. Use light timers on interior lights near windows, and on exterior lights. But don't leave them on all the time. Police say, burglars may think you're out of town.

Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers when your gone, park in your empty driveway, and let the neighbor check inside your house to make sure everything is o-k. Give the neighbor a key rather than hiding it in a flower pot, under a doormat, or on a ledge.

Make sure to keep your trees and shrubs trimmed, so that neighbors can monitor your house, activate your alarm, and put up alarm company signs on the outside.

For extra help, the College Station Police Department conducts security surveys on College Station homes or businesses. For further information, you can contact the College Station Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit at 764-3573. Upon completion of the security survey, homeowners may be eligible to receive a discount on their insurance.

All burglary prevention tips can be downloaded from the department's website www.cstx.gov/police. The website also contains safety ideas and tips related to a variety of other subjects.