Family Orchard Just Peachy

If you're looking for one of summer's favorite fruits, you don't have to look very far.
There's a plethora of peaches just up the road in Waller at the Texas Orchards.

Planted by Texas A&M in the early 1990's, Krishan Magon bought the orchard in 1998.
Born and raised in Africa, Magon spent most of his days as a fruit researcher for the Department of Agriculture before moving to the United States to fulfill his dream.

"I recovered, revived and worked on the orchard, not only on new planting, but reorganizing. We've done a lot of work as a whole family," Magon said.

Today, the orchard spreads nearly 90 acres, bearing 7 thousand peach, pear and fig trees.

Their season lasts just 2 months, from May until June.
But that doesn't mean the labor stops there.
Magon and his crew pick, prune and water their crop year round.

"The hardest part is to contend with the weather, we've had hail damage, we've had late freeze," said Magon.

While Magon has been lucky this year, mother nature has taken her toll on the Hill Country's crop of peaches.
From a summer drought to a frigid fall, and lots of hail in between, the Texas Cooperative Extension estimates the Fredericksbug area has lost 95 percent of its crop.
But what's sour for the Hill Country, has been sweet business for the Texas Orchards.

"The best time is when people come and pick their own fruit, and you see the smiles on kids faces and their eyes open wide when they see the fruit on the trees"

For many, it's the first time they've seen peaches in their natural habitat.
For owner, Krishan Magon, it means sweet success.

The Texas Orchards is located about 50 miles south of College Sation off Business 290.

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